Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wonderful Porticos

A most enjoyable time in ancient Felsina/Bononia... wonderful hospitality, super-cool museum -- even if much of their Classical collection is closed indefinitely. Found a couple of new stones for the Imagebase, plus some pictures of the Montefortino helmet from the Gallic necropolis.

My address for the next month or so is

Dan Diffendale
C. da Perito,
86010 Busso, Campobasso, Molise

I think that will get mail there; I'm not entirely clear on that. Again, it's only until October 15 or thereabouts, so don't send mail too close to that date.
Missy and I went to the phone store, and after figuring that my phone just won't work with this service, I got a new one, nice and cheap, only €34! Anyhow, should you want to call, the number is
three three nine - two nine two - three zero seven zero.

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