Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miscellany for May 13, 2010

Rogue Italianist, now reporting from Athens...

I note a new journal called Archeomatica, whose purview is 'technologies for cultural heritage' [website]...

...and a new museum at Paludi di Celano, Abruzzo [Archeoblog].

An intact sarcophagus was discovered during digging for a new water line in Via Liside, Taranto. The male burial dates to the late 5th or early 4th c. BCE, and included an aryballos, a strigil, and a bronze finger ring [].

Ancient buildings, including a bath, in Crotone [ANSA].

A 2nd-1st c. BCE amphora in the sea off Bari (no big surprise there) [Archeoblog].

Meanwhile, in Umbria...
...the Soprintendenza resumed excavations at Monte Moro (Montefranco), site of a sanctuary used from the Pre-Roman period into Late Antiquity [Archeopg].
...a Roman bronze bed from Gubbio's Fontevole necropolis is on display in the Antiquarium there, until December 31, 2010 [Archeopg].
...the National Museum in Perugia is mounting an exhibit entitled 'Il prestigio del oro', featuring a gold crown of the late 4th/early 3rd c. BCE from a tomb at Sperandio, north of Perugia. The crown is on loan from Florence until July 31, 2010 [Archeopg].

Interesting notice of a 'traditional knowledge' center opening near Florence [ANSA].

Fourteen ancient helmets are on display in Ragusa, nine of them on loan from Berlin's Pergamonmuseum, until June 28 [ANSA].

Fieldwork at Marsiliana d'Albegna [].

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