Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Trebula Mutuesca

Faithful readers may remember that I was on a dig in Italy way back in August. Now that I'm home and starting to get my act together, I can offer some photographs from my travels. The site is Trebula Mutuesca, site of a Sabine sanctuary to the goddess Feronia, near the modern village of Monteleone Sabino, some ways north of Rome in the Sabine Hills. The excavation is in the area directly below the assumed site of the temple. A terrace wall (seen clearly in the first picture below) separates the temple area from a colonnaded approach (seen in the second picture).

Giulio and Stefania inspect the site:

The terrace wall in the near foreground, the colonnade stretching away in the center, bordered on the left by a drain and the right by a wall.

Interior designer by profession, archaeologist by passion, Leo uncovers a cache of five Roman Republican-era bronze coins:Lindsay, our site director Giulio, and Pierangelo take a break in the shade:

The apparatus of digging:

A single worked tufa block from a workshop at Falerii Veteres (modern Civita Castellana). Apparently used as fill during construction of the terrace and colonnade.

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