Sunday, June 24, 2012

Etruscan Beer

Apropos, given the recently-mentioned 3 AM plans for Marzabotto, comes the news that Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, Leonardo Di Vincenzo  of Birra del Borgo, and Dr. Pat McGovern of the Penn Museum are collaborating on a new project to make an Etruscan beer. The beer is being fermented in pithoi, while the recipe is based in part on the finds from the Casa Nocera necropolis of biconical urns containing the remains of hazelnuts, pomegranates, apples and grapes.

There is a nine-minute video explaining the project, which is well underway.

[Via (x2); Birra del Borgo]

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Patricius Oenus said...

I would love to put a few of these back with you when they are on the market. Where and when does one find you State-side these days? Will you be in the NE during the summer at all.

I am glad to see you are flourishing.

Best wishes,