Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tidbits from the Italian Press

A few weeks ago a gold cup dated to the Early Bronze Age was discovered at Montecchio Emilia. Its closest parallels come from Northwest Europe (Adnkronos; La Repubblica-Parma).

A large (17 cm) Nuragic bronze of a sitting priest(?) was found near Oristano, bringing the total of known seated Nuragic bronzes to three (ANSA; L'Unione Sarda).

A 4th c. CE mosaic depicting a mounted hunter spearing a boar was discovered by students at Empoli, loc. dell’Oratorio delle Muriccia, just southwest of Florence (la Nazione).

An exhibit is opening at the Museo Archeologico di Amelia entitled "Convivenze. Un percorso tra archeologia e arte contemporanea" (23 June - 8 July).

The University of Basel is digging in the Macchiabate necropolis at Francavilla Marittima (Paese24.it).

And the French are digging at Terravecchia/Giarratana near Ragusa (Ragusanews.com).

A French/Bolognese team are digging the Roman city at Ostra Vetera (AN), Marche (Valmisa).

Have to mention this educational intiative entitled "Calabria Jones"...

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