Friday, June 29, 2012

Quaternary International 267

A pile of articles on the Early and Middle Pleistocene in Italy in the latest volume of Quaternary International (Volume 267, 26 July 2012):

Santangelo et al., "Palaeolandscapes of Southern Apennines during the late Early and the Middle Pleistocene," 20–29.

Bellucci et al., "The site of Coste San Giacomo (Early Pleistocene, central Italy): Palaeoenvironmental analysis and biochronological overview," 30–39.

Pavia et al., "Stratigraphical and palaeontological data from the Early Pleistocene Pirro 10 site of Pirro Nord (Puglia, south eastern Italy)," 40–55.

Arzarello et al., "Evidence of an Early Pleistocene hominin presence at Pirro Nord (Apricena, Foggia, southern Italy): P13 site," 56–61.

Mancini et al., "Coupling basin infill history and mammal biochronology in a Pleistocene intramontane basin: The case of western L’Aquila Basin (central Apennines, Italy)," 62–77.

Martínez-Navarro et al., "First occurrence of Soergelia (Ovibovini, Bovidae, Mammalia) in the Early Pleistocene of Italy," 98–102.

Sardella and Petrucci, "The earliest Middle Pleistocene Crocuta crocuta (Erxleben, 1777) at Casal Selce (Rome, Italy)," 103–110.

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